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Since 2005, EcoLogic Solutions’ mission is to bring a complete offering of the safest, most effective, innovative and eco-friendly cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products and technology to mass consuming markets worldwide. Our pursuit of the most advanced methods in more sustainable and social impactful results is more than a mission, it’s more like a religion.  EcoLogic is very proud to be the sole B Corp certified and award winning company in its industry. 

With regular use, traditional cleaning products contain dangerous ingredients that can enter our skin, lungs, eyes, air, water ways and soil. Traditionally, green consumer products lack the cleaning power of mainstream brands.  EcoLogic has proven eco-cleaning products, disinfectants and sanitizers can outperform the harsh industry standard used to clean and sanitize big businesses.

When EcoLogic was founded it set out to disrupt a massive, set in its ways, institutional cleaning product industry who’s chemicals are mostly still unregulated. Today, EcoLogic continues to disrupt the industry with its advanced technology, constant product development and pursuit of something better.  This commitment continues to attract new ideas and product technologies for a better future. 

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